Natural and Organic Skin Care

What you put on your skin is just as important as what you put in your body... We offer Spa Quality Natural and Organic skin care products that are luxurious, gentle and easy to use.

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Natural Health and Beauty Tips

Natural Health and Beauty Tips. Natural remedies, beauty tips, DIY, skin care tips, weight loss tips, health, well being and more.

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Healthy Cooking

Healthy cooking with a Spicy Twist. We love everything healthy and that includes healthy eating. Enjoy!

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diy body wraps

DIY Body Wraps

Do your own Spa body wraps at home, it’s fun and the cost is minimal. Here’s what you’ll need: •Sea Salt •Vitamin E oil •Freshly Ground Coffee Beans •Cocoa Butter •Brown Sugar •Cinnamon •Orange Essential Oil •Olive Oil •Saran Wrap for wrapping What you will do: •Make a paste with all ingredients •Apply to area […]

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older couple

Slowing Down the Aging Process

Slowing Down the Aging Process Aging; You get older with every breath you take. And with age come some ineviable facts of like; Your hair get grayer and thinner. Your metabolism will slow down. Your reflexes will lose some sharpness. Body parts will show signs of wear and tear. Changes are inevitable, but their are […]

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Premenstrual Tension

Easing the Symptoms of Premenstrual Tension PMS is caused primary by the increase of estrogen level and the decrease in progesterone.  Many women may experience a wide variety of uncomfortable symptoms ranging from mild to severe.  Some of these symptoms may include the following: Bloating Cramping Headaches Breast Swelling Acne Constipation Diarrhea Insomnia Weight Gain Nervous […]

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The Skin

The Skin  The skin is the body’s largest organ, responsible for numerous essential bodily functions, including breathing oxygen, eliminating carbon dioxide and other forms of waste, acting as a shield against toxins from outside, and helping to maintain body temperature.  The skin is continually repairing and renewing itself.  It responds almost instantly to sudden changes […]

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