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Natural and Organic Skin Care

acai berry
Government regulations allow just about any ingredient to be used in the manufacturing of products that is used on our skin, hair and nails. Harmful ingredients such as Mercury, alcohol and many others that are absorbed into your body and find it’s way to your organs. Your skin is your largest organ, it absorbs everything you put on it. Which means creams, lotions, creams, skincare products that have carcinogens, carcinogens may effect breakout, allergies, irritations, hormonal imbalance, reproductive issues, and even cancer. Because organic skin care products comprised of fruits, vegetables, plants, and other natural ingredient it’s like eating organic foods.

If health is your concern as it should be and you want to avoid harmful ingredients found in regular skincare product, go natural and organic. Take care of your body and it will take care of you.

Here are just some of the ingredients we use in our products:

Rhubarb = Anti fungal properties
Flax Seed = Anti inflammatory
Acai Berry = High in Antioxidant
Evening Primrose Oil = Omega (chain fatty acids)
Grape Seed Oil = Supreme Antioxidant L
Lavender = Inflammation
Rosehip, Sunflower, Coconut Oils, Jojoba Beads, Hibiscus Buds, Cranberry Fibers, Organic Blueberry.

Enjoy the benefits of using our products made with natural and organic ingredients.

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