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Forgiveness Carrying a grudge is a heavy weight that is exhausting for everyone.  The word forgive comes from the Greek language.  It means "to let go"  and that is exactly what "forgiveness" is.  It's working through and resolving your thoughts and feelings about an incident or a person so you don't have to let it keep you down, replaying it over and over in your head.    Gift Yourself   Forgiveness is something you give yourself not the other person.  Forgiveness does not mean the other person that offended you is getting away with something.  It really helps you to stop being the victim and to take steps to control, protect and assert yourself.  If you want to revenge the best way to get it is by being happy, and forgiveness let you be just that "happy".  When you do not forgive you leave yourself open to negative people, negative energy, a lower immune system, sickness, and disease.  I agree learning to forgive is not easy, but if