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Are you moisturizing too much?

Are you moisturizing too much?

It’s very important to moisturize your skin, but applying too much can have a negative effect on your skin. If you use too much moisturizer it can encourage your skin to produce less moisture on its own. Over moisturizing signals to your skin that it has enough water, lipids and protein, and that it can slow down the production of these important nutrients. This can turn into a cycle where your skin appears dry because it’s no longer producingnecessary nutrients which causes you to moisturize more.

A good way to avoid moisturizing too much is to use a moisturizer sparingly, make sure that your skin isn’t covered in dead skin cells. Dead skin makes it harder for your skin to absorb moisturizer, so it’s very important to exfoliate with a gentle product at least once a week so that you remove dead cells. Afterwards, use a small amount of moisturizer with healthy ingredients for your skin type and make sure it absorbs fully. Don’t overstimulate & suffocate your skin, a little bit of the right product can go a long way.

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