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Energy Booster Smoothie

Energy Booster Smothie

Energy Booster Smoothie

Energy Booster Smoothie for before and after workouts. Delicious & refreshing!


1 Cup Coconut Water

1 Cup Pickle Juice

1 Cup Filtered Water

1/2 Pickle

1 Cup Filtered Water

1 Cup Grapes

2 Cups Strawberries

1 Small piece Ginger

1/2 Lemon (juiced)

1 Cup Papaya (peeled)

Pinch of Himalayan Salt

Blend together in NutriBullet or such as.

Serves two **

Enjoy  JE Sunnie 🙂

P.S. This smoothie is delicious & refreshing, and is great for before or after workouts!


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