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Fibroid and Uterine Health

Fibroid and Uterine Health ~ How to treat it naturally. Lifestyles1031 Inc.

Fibroid and Uterine Health
Have you heard about the term ‘Fibroid?’ If you want to learn more about what it is and how you can treat it naturally, continue reading this article because I have lots to share with you. So, this article explains what fibroid is, what’s the cause, and how to treat it.
There are many types of Fibroids which can build up inside and outside of the uterus. These are made up of smooth muscle cells, and also fibrous connective tissue. It’s estimated that approximately 70% to 80% of women usually develop fibroids in their lifetime, but not everyone develops it or need treatment. However, it is important to know fibroids are not cancer and do not have the potential to become it. The size of fibroids can be varied from woman to woman. In some, it can grow as the size of a pea, and while in some it could be the size of a watermelon, and so is the severity.

Factors That Trigger Fibroids
Here are some of the factors that trigger fibroids development in women. These are as follows:

  • Age: This is the #1 factor which contributes to the development of fibroids. Most women are likely to get fibroids development as they age. Especially during their 30s and 40s through menopause. It is said that fibroid shrinks after menopause.
  • Ethnic Origin: It has been documented that 70% of women of the Black race are more prone to develop fibroids as compared to other women of other race, around the world?
  • Family History: Maybe you have fibroids development because of your family history. For instance, if your mother had fibroids, then 90% chances that you have the risk of having them too.
  • Obesity: Weight gain over time is more likely to get fibroids development. Obesity multiplies fibroids development 2 to 3 times than average.
  • Eating Habits: Last but not least, these are the eating habits which are culprits. Yes, eating a lot of red meat is directly linked to the risk of fibroids. But don’t worry, because green vegetables are here for you, and can reduce the chances of having fibroids in the uterus.

Symptoms of Fibroid
Well, some women don’t observe any symptoms, but still, here are few which can help you identify the state.

  • Heavy bleeding and painful periods.
  • Feeling of fullness in the pelvic area.
  • Frequent urination during the day and night.
  • Increase in abdomen size.
  • Constant lower back pain.
  • Extreme pain during sex.
  • Complication during childbirth or reproductive problems such as infertility.

What Causes Fibroids? Well, no obvious causes are known till now, but researchers think that the below mentioned are some of the causes that can play their role. Hormonal change (lead by estrogen and progesterone levels) Genetic problem (family history).

The exact causes are unknown for having fibroids, so it’s challenging to learn how to control the causes and growth. Because of the hormones (estrogen and progesterone), Fibroids development is higher in pregnant women because of their high hormonal levels. And as hormone level changes during menopause, it shrinks and becomes smaller.

Treatments for Fibroid
As mentioned earlier, it depends on the development of fibroids and the condition. You may or may not need any fibroid treatment or if you do you might want to treat it naturally. It is not necessary you will grow the size of a watermelon, just because your mother had that size. However, you should still consult with your doctor if you develop symptoms like pain and excessive bleeding.

What Medicines Help?
Here are some options available for treating fibroid development.

Hormone Therapy:
To control the fibroid growth, some doctors recommend you take birth control pills or some sort of hormone replacement therapy.

GnRH agonists
GnRH is a hormone which is produced naturally, and so agonist medicine counters that hormone. Your doctor may prescribe you the one to shrink fibroids and to reduce anemia, but the continuous consumption can lead to osteoporosis.

How To Treat and Shrink It Naturally? Worry no more as this condition can be treated easily, simply by introducing few changes to your lifestyle and diet you can treat it naturally.

  • Follow A Mediterranean Diet
    Try to add more fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet, and reduce or eliminate red meat as it is dangerous for your condition.
  • Cut Back On Alcohol
    Women that are addicted to alcohol chances that they are likely to develop fibroids 90% more than women who don’t drink. So, it is recommended to cut back on alcohol.
  • Balance estrogen
    Yes, estrogen plays an important role in infertility, so it is important to keep its balance. This can be possible by losing weight because obesity increases your chances of having a higher risk for fibroids.
  • High blood pressure
    High blood pressure is another main reason for having fibroid development. However, keeping blood pressure balance is vital for your health, and this is possible by limiting high-sodium processed food. Avoid salt and other spices, etc.
  • Get Enough Vitamin D
    Did you know to have enough Vitamin D can help you reduce the risk of fibroids? Try to add foods like fortified cereals, cod liver oil, and other foods that are high in vitamin D.
    This is the natural way to reduce the risk of fibroid development naturally or shrink it.
  • Herbs – Some herbs and Female Tonic Herbal Supplements can be used to balance, and harmonize the system.

Food To Avoid For Treating Fibroid – Here’s a list of foods you need to avoid for treating Fibroid, and these are:

  • Sugar
  • Potato Chips
  • Packed energy bars, and much more.

So I hope this article will help you to the fight against fibroid and keep your uterus healthy. Share if you have something interesting with us.

To your good health, stay healthy! JE Sunnie

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