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Good Health Is Dependent On What We Eat

Good Health Is Dependent On What We Eat And The Choices We Make
Good Health Is Dependent On What We Eat And The Choices We Make.  Nutrients are supplied from our heart which is the hub that transport the blood to almost every part of our body.  With every pump the heart carries out oxygen, nutrients, and chemicals to our organs that is needed to carry out the body functions.  Feed the body properly so that we can function properly. 
Cardiovascular disorders from heart disease, blood clots, clogged arteries, irregular palpitations, blood vessel problems hospitalize and kill millions each year.   Some of these problems are present from birth, but most result from unhealthy lifestyle choices such as smoking, inactivity,  and poor diet. 
Smoking raises blood pressure, narrows the blood vessels, and increases the likelihood of developing dangerous blood clots. A lack of exercise fails to raise the heart rate, slowing the rate at which blood circulates throughout the organs. Unhealthy eating habits is also huge risk to cardiovascular health.  Eating a diet low in nutrients and minerals with high in sugar, salt, cholesterol and fat intake can trigger the buildup of bad cholesterol in arteries. This cholesterol hardens into plaque that lines the blood vessels thus leaving less room for blood to flow through and increasing blood pressure, when your Arteries become completely blocked with plaque  this condition can lead to heart attack.several other heart problems.
According to the American Heart Association ( as of data collected in 2008):
Over 780,000 people die from heart disease each year in America
Coronary heart disease causes 1 out of every 6 deaths in the United States
On average, someone will die from heart disease every 39 seconds, someone will suffer a stroke every 40 seconds
Over 76 million people, or one in three adults over the age of 20, have high blood pressure
Heart disease and stroke cost patients over 173 billion dollars annually
While age and genetics factor into a person’s risk of developing cardiovascular disease, eating a diet rich in nutrients can fight the buildup of harmful plaque and can even reverse existing cardiovascular damage.  Refrain from tobacco products, get plenty of exercise.  Most importantly, eat healthy nutrient-dense diet to help prevent hearth problems, high cholesterol, high blood pressure. 

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