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History and Benefits of Yoni Eggs

History and benefits of yoni eggs

Yoni is the Sanskrit word for vagina, vulva the divine passage, womb or sacred place, genitalia, source, sexual organs. It literally means compassion.  Its symbol has been worshiped in Eastern cultures since ancient times to impact life, creativity and love. The term “yoni” used to bring praise and recognition to the creative power that holds this magical part of the female body.

Yoni egg is also called love egg, made of beautiful semi-precious stone carved in the shape of an egg.  It is estimated that women have been practicing stone eggs for more than 5000 years to reach sexual power, awaken sexual stability, and maintain amazing health in their old age. 

Here are some benefits of Yoni eggs

  • Improving bladder control/stress incontinence
  • Boosting libido and orgasmic potential
  • Reducing the risk of prolapse
  • Improving recovery from childbirth
  • increasing social confidence and quality of life
  • Strengthen the pelvic floor muscles
  • Increase libido and awaken your sexuality
  • Increase natural lubrication at any age
  • Helps relieve PMS symptoms, and menstrual pain
  • Overall health enhancement
  • Helps in healing women that has had past stored trauma from emotional, painful experience, painful sex, and negative energy, child loss, miscarriage, hysterectomy and more. 
  • Strengthen and tone the vagina and pelvic floor muscles 

Yoni-eggs is not just for kegel exercise or a great way to maintain health and fitness, but it helps to have better orgasms and more fulfilling sex.  Each crystal has unique properties that can affect everyone in different ways.  For example; Yoni Eggs made from Rose Quartz helps you to reconnect with love, it is the stone of love of the past, present, and future.

This tool can be used to cultivate sexual energy which is known as healing energy, often referred as the Fountain of Youth. The egg can heal the complete body by massaging the senses within the vaginal walls to promote healing.  It helps you to focus to connect better with your feminine, sensual, sexual self,  exercising with these eggs allows you to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles to regain elasticity and strength, when you have strong pelvic floor muscles it increases your orgasmic response, increasing the amount of orgasm, you can become multiorgasmic one or many.  

Rose quartz is a high vibration stone, soft, pink, feminine.  It represents unconditional love in all aspects. Rose quartz helps you recognize your own well-being, and experiences happiness, warmth, peace and emotional well-being. It helps to fix old wounds and traumas (including sex).  The vibration of this love stone energy attracts love and enhances emotional sensitivity. dissolve anger, soothe the heart, release emotional thoughts and patterns that no longer serve you, it also helps relieve grief,  It is one of the most important crystals for heart healing.  The essence of love resonates throughout the body and helps all the chakras to be healthy, pure and in balance.

You can use your rose quartz eggs Yoni Eggs at anytime and anyplace, indoors or outdoors activities. Rose quartz can assist in the proper functioning of the circulatory system, heart, adrenals, kidney, and women’s reproductive system Increasing fertility,  and eliminating post-traumatic stress syndrome.

Yoni Rose Quartz Egg is an ancient, sacred tool for transformation for women of all ages.   Order Yoni Egg

This type of therapy is considered "alternative" therapy, Yoni eggs are not to be confused with, or replacement for consulting with your Doctor or any treatment.   In addition, Yoni Egg may not be for you if the following: 

  • Your yoni is inflamed or you have a bladder infection. 
  • If you had any sort of surgery in the pelvic area within the past three month. 
  • You have a uterine fibroid.
  • You are more than six months pregnant.
  • You’ve recently had a baby, it is advisable to wait at least six weeks prior giving birth before you start to practice.

If you have any doubt or questions of when you should start practicing with a Yoni Egg, please consult your physician.

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