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Jade Rolling for Healthy Skin

Jade Rolling for Healthy Skin. In terms of anti-aging skin care, probably you’ve tried everything. Hydrating face masks, vitamin C serums, wrinkle-reducing creams, and retinol-based products may have achieved a perpetual place in your daily skincare routine. But do you know about an amazing beauty tool that can enhance your beauty regime tenfold? It’s called the “jade roller”! Jade rollers are magnificence beauty instruments that have been well known for quite a long time among China’s high society. It’s thought to have a protective, spiritual and healing qualities.

How It Works
The cool touch of the stone can calm inflammation while the rolling itself will help to rejuvenate the skin. When using the roller, use medium pressure for a deep facial massage and stimulating the circulatory system and the muscles underneath the skin. It will effectively push the lymph to the lymph nodes. The nodes are where the WBCs destroy the unwanted guests (bacteria, toxins, and others) as it circulates throughout the body. That’s why you’ll notice a number of diseases and infections causing swelled lymph nodes. With a jade massage, you can push them back to the sentry of your body. For the best result, including other skincare routines like drinking plenty of water, getting lots of exercises and eating plenty of whole plant foods.

The Wonderful Skin Benefits of Jade Rolling
There are various health benefits of jade rolling. Let’s check them out!

  • Minimize puffiness – If you’re having not enough sleep, used to eat a lot of salt, or facing hormonal changes, our blood vessels dilate and this causes a lot of fluid trapped within the superficial layers of the skin. A jade roller is effective in milking the extra fluid back to the circulatory system and lymphatic system.
  • Reduce eye bags – Ageing is, often times, the culprit of the accumulation of soft tissues and fluid around your eyes. The smaller end of a jade roller can gently massage the tissues and returning the fluid accumulation to where it belonged. Don’t use too much force as it will cause bruising or further irritation of the area.
  • Relax facial muscles – The jade roller is also effective in relaxing your facial muscles. Our face consists of a number of interconnected muscles that allows all the facial expressions. With a regular rolling, you can keep your face in shape while maintaining the natural look.
  • Allows the body to rest and cells to regenerate – Metaphysically, jade stones have always been a part of peace and harmony. The relaxing properties of a jade roller and indirectly prevent acne and other skin conditions by keeping the skin in good shape.
  • Fight signs of aging – The jade roller has healing power of anti-aging. By relaxing your facial muscles, you’ll appear less stressed. That eventually translates to a more youthful look. However, jade rolling isn’t the miracle cure for erasing your unwanted wrinkles.

Final Recommendation
Now, skin care has become an intentional and conscious self-care practice. Hopefully, with the integration of jade rollers into your beauty regime, you’ll be able to harness long-lasting health and beauty benefits for yourself! When you’re using jade rollers, don’t forget to apply a couple drops of moisturizers, serum or oil. This will act as a powerful moisturizer for your skin, allowing better absorption rate. Note that jade rollers aren’t a must-have like a proper moisturizer or cleanser.


  • Fantastic! Before reading this post I didn’t about Jade Rolling. It’s an amazing technique for healthy skin. Big thanks Lifestyle1031 for sharing your savvy through this post and Keep on sharing your genius tips with us!

    • Hi Hannah; Happy to hear you found this information useful. Thanks, again for the encouragement & positive feedback. 🙂 I appreciate it!

  • Great info on Jade Rolling… This product line is awesome and now I have a great tool to use it with.

    • Glad to hear you found this information helpful. Thanks for the positive feedback 🙂 it’s appreciated!

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