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Oil Cleansers VS Lotion Cleansers

Oil Cleansers VS Lotion Cleansers

Before now, skincare was seen as a one-size-fits-all parade, but it has evolved to something better. There's every possibility you can run into a tree trying to choose what type of makeup remover to buy. This is especially due to the huge array of options in the beauty market. From oil cleansers, cream cleansers to cold creams, you may be wondering how you decide which suits your skin type. There are people out there who stay true to double cleansing methods. But in the event when you have extremely sensitive skin and skin routine goals, you may be curious how well which would work for you when it comes to removing impurities. Rather than sitting at home one day and putting the two types to the test, you can take a cue from the characteristics of each below.

Oil Cleansers
Oil cleansers, such as our Chamomile Cleansing Oil, are formulated to rid the skin of impurities by gently drawing out oil-based debris. The debris, in context, includes sebum, and pretty much every other pollutant. Based on what we all know, oil cleansers are usually effective when it comes to removing makeup from your face and dissolving all possible impurities. This actually makes them the perfect first step cleanser. In a general sense, these cleansers are great for all skin types - even the oily and acne-prone ones. They all help you ensure that your face is thoroughly cleansed, without necessarily taking its natural oils away.

And As For Lotion Cleansers…
Lotion cleansers, on the other hand, comprise suds. In a somewhat gentler way, they cleanse the skin without stripping it of its oils. Also, more often, cream cleansers are known to leave your skin feeling moisturized. By way of their texture, they come in creamy, moisturizer-like consistencies. They make use of natural oils and emulsifiers to clean the skin while soothing any redness and inflammation. Due to these attributes, oil cleansers are ideal for dry or sensitive skin types. If you are looking to use it to remove makeup, then you may want to do so on dry skin. It helps increase cleansing abilities, leaving your skin fresh and hydrated. Generally, oil cleansers will never stop reigning supreme at removing makeup. This is because it is typically quicker and more effective. They usually remove makeup debris entirely, failing only a few times by leaving some behind.

Nevertheless, it is surprising that lotion cleansers can be just as effective as the old and would work well for the more sensitive skin types. At the end of the day, the choice of a skin cleanser largely depends on the kind of skin you have and how you want the product to work for you.

So What’s The Bottom Line?

Looking for the ideal cleanser product? You can check our Activated Charcoal Deep Pore Cleanser & Mask and Blue Azulene Cleansing Milk as well. It would be our delight if we help you get the best cleanser regimen. 

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