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 JE Sunnie Discipio

Originally from the Caribbean.  I have lived in the United States for over 45 years, became a US citizen in the early-1980s, and have traveled Internationally extensively.  

I am passionate about living a healthy lifestyle.  My background is in holistic health and well-being.  A Psycho Aromatherapist, Reiki and Seichim Master, Certified Yoga Teacher, Deep Tissue, Swedish, Rolfing Massage, Lymphatic Drainage, Spa Therapist, and Master Herbalist.  I owned and operated an upscale Day Spa in San Francisco Bay Area.  I also worked in finances for a Major Corporation in Manhattan, NY., and in Real Estate. 

In the mid-2000, I became severely allergic to products and the environment.  In an effort to find products that were made with organic and natural ingredients that are effective, gentle, and suitable for my hyper-sensitivities,  I created the LIFESTYLES1031 brand of skin care products and 14-day Organic Detox Teas.

A first time Author of  "Self Care to Self Love" which is available on Amazon, click here to order from Amazon

A self-taught Artist.  As a child, I stopped displaying my artistic abilities due to trauma and life-changing events throughout my life.  I am also a polio survivor.  I found my way back to art during my spiritual healing process.  My works explore different aspects of thought-provoking art through expressionism, culturally diverse, tribal, eclectic contemporary painting, and abstract art.  My paintings begin vaguely and evolve into the final piece, through the emotions felt during each creation. You can explore my thought-provoking art by visiting JESArts  My artworks can also be seen on Saatchi Art and the International site Artmajeur. 

I enjoy travel, hiking, gardening, yoga meditation, sound healing, cooking awesome vegan meals, blogging, and of course, creating thought-provoking art. 

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