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Parsley Cilantro Tea

Parsley and Cilantro Tea for Healthy Skin, Liver and Kidney Cleanse

Parsley tea is considered one a popular herb for skin care health, skin blemishes due to breakouts. As well as it has great healing potential. Drinking parsley tea shows visibly overall improved skin health. Skin blemishes can be a sign of liver malfunction and this herb is powerful in antioxidant that cleanses the liver, kidney, removes salt and toxins. Also helps reduce swollen hands, ankles, feet.

Want to make this Tea even more potent, add a bunch of Cilantro.

Take a bunch of Parsley and one bunch of Cilantro, wash and clean then put in a pot of water and boil for approx. 10 minutes. Drink hot or let cool. Keep in fridge and drink one glass daily!

NOT to be used by pregnant women. Prolonged use of parsley tea can cause abortion during early pregnancy and/or birth defects in later term pregnancy.

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