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The Power and Benefits of Meditation

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Meditation is letting it all go; Relaxing and calming your mind & body, and going within yourself to that sacred space of nothingness, the peaceful place that is still, quiet, calm but very much alert. When you get to this place of stillness it is the first step towards inner peace. This is where you start growing spiritually on a higher level, you will find that your life will improve in every aspect.

Physical Benefits of Meditation – Physical meditation requires you to relax your body and let go of the mental chatter. With a calm mind, you start looking at life differently, and you start seeing what’s REAL.

Here are some of the benefits:

  • Energizes the mind and body
  • Decreases muscle and skeletal tension
  • Removes problems caused by tension
  • Prevents stress-related diseases
  • Lowers blood pressure. (1)
  • Strengthens the immune system
  • Slows down the ageing process

Mental Benefits of Meditation
Research over the years have shown that moving within the stillness:

  • Calms the mind
  • Reduces worries
  • Clears the mind
  • Reduces anxiety. (2)
  • Relieves depression
  • Promotes personal growth
  • Increases self-confidence
  • More effective in work and business

The mental benefits improves your work and business which can be sometimes be stressful. Meditation brings:

  • Better focus. (3)
  • Improved memory.
  • You improve reading, writing, learning skills, and languages.
  • Ability to stay centered and calm under pressure.
  • Improved creative ideas, and problem solving.
  • Enhanced ability to handle almost any situations.
  • As a result, it improves work performance thus your financial rewards will soon follow.

Meditation Improves Relationships
You will find that after meditating for a few weeks your general attitude towards life becomes more positive, you will start enjoying life despite problems. Meditation brings heightened enjoyment through the senses, allowing you to focus on the present and makes you totally involved in what you’re doing. You become lighthearted, more patient, and authentic.

Meditation Techniques
There are a number of meditation techniques, each of which requires different skills. Lets see if we can find one that suits you.

Some of them are:

  1. Concentration MeditationFocus your attention on a single thing such as a word, counting beads on a mala, your breath, a mantra, a repetitive gong, or staring at the flicker of a candlelight. When the mind wanders slowly bring your awareness back to the object of attention.
  2. Chakra Meditation – Chakra meditation is a technique when you focus on each chakra during meditation. A sure and effective for unblocking and restoring chakras to full balance, to heal yourself without the use of medication.
  3. Mindfulness Meditation – When you practice meditation and you observe your thoughts as they arise, when this happens don’t get involved in each wandering thought, just let them come and go, do not judge, just listen and observe. This techniques helps you to experience total inner balance.
  4. Walking MeditationWalk outdoors in the garden, a park, the beach, natural forest or any other environment that is pleasing to you. Focus on every movement of the body such as the swing of the arms, or the feet as they rise and touch the ground. When your mind wanders, you re-focus on your movement without judgment.
  5. Guided Meditation – This is done with a recorded voice that guides you through meditation to help you to reach a calm and peaceful state on mind, one step at a time.
  6. Present Moment Meditation – Start this meditation with eyes closed and focusing on the breath, then on the feelings, on the sense of touch, and lastly on the sense of hearing. Once you’ve completed those steps, reverse the process by focusing on hearing, then touch, then feelings and again on the breath.

See when type of meditation technique suits you, and set aside some time where you can be in a setting where you can meditate, practice daily because as you practice regularly it will become easier. Try one or try all of the techniques until you find one that works for you, it will change your life tremendously. Namaste JE Sunnie


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*Disclosure: The content on all pages of this website are for information and educational purposes only.  I simply share what works for me as some of the information are from my personal experiences, and research.  If you have a medical condition, please consult with your physician.    


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