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Why Self-care emotionally, mentally, and physically is important?

Why Self-care emotionally, mentally, and physically is important? How healthier skin care products can play their role?

Let me ask me one question; do you know about you? Do you give priority to your needs? Don’t know? Well, it’s not your fault as we all taught since childhood that we are on this planet to serve others.  But at the same time, we were taught that serving others means to put your own needs somewhere towards the end at your priority list. What? Seriously? From where did this message come from? I am not sure.  However, we have the wrong perception about “Helping others” as it is not about helping others and to neglect your needs, but to satisfy your inner soul by assisting them to. So, we can conclude that it starts with you. Hence the conclusion that comes: we can only help others effectively if we focus on ourselves.

So, what Self-care is?
Self-care in simple meanings is to plan to take time and attend your basic physical, emotional, and mental needs. It is something like entertain your conscious by giving yourself a break from daily chores. It is the time when you need to ask yourself: “How are you today? Do you need anything?” and then attend those basic needs with love and kindness.

However the self-care happens on three primary levels:
* Physical
* Mental
* Emotional

* Physical Self-Care:
The concept of physical self-care is simple, and it comes down to making sure that your body is getting enough nourishment and happiness. Yes, the fundamental physical self-care aspects are: getting nutrition, sufficient sleep, and exercise. The recommended food is plant-based diet if you want to show self-care towards yourself. The food includes green vegetables, fruits, whole grains, seeds, nuts and cut down animal products.  Moreover there are also many ways to show care for yourself physically like long baths, massages, breathing exercises and much more.

* Mental Self-Care:
The thoughts in our mind can be a big mess- but in case if we are not aware of them. Many times when we drift in our thoughts, we even don’t know where we are, and after a few hours, we also remember what we thought. In the end, all we know is we have those feelings that are making us discomfort… but why? Mental Self-care is a two-folded process; in the first phase we break down our thoughts and track them to stop those thoughts to direct our life. However, in the second phase, we find the reasons why we are thinking so? And plan to give importance to those thoughts on priorities.

Well, this overall process affects our health, and we start neglecting ourselves. But we can stop it by following a few steps. You can consider these steps as exercise or a step toward your self-care and love.
* All you need is to focus on your attention on the present moment.
* You need to practice gratitude.
* Acceptance is necessary on what is going on.  Giving yourself importance is not always about going for big things, small things can make a big difference and trust me it works.
* Emotional Care:
Well, this one is pretty much confusing for me, but when you understand it, it becomes easy to deal with this part of life. The important thing is to identify your emotions and bring a cure for yourself.

Remember: All tensions and happiness have a direct impact on your overall health and beauty. So, it is necessary to bring the essential care for your skin health and body as well.
Firstly, it is necessary to understand there are no good or bad emotions, but every emotion is energy. So, it all depends on how you deal with these energies. If you will hide your emotions, and don’t try to understand them, then they will further add to your tension.  The best way to deal with them is to take action whether they are good or bad. Trust me this works. When you start giving importance to your emotions, you start giving yourself importance, and that is essential for your health.  You can avoid your negative energies by diverting yourself with different kinds of stuff. You can go for mediation, food, or something that is dearer to you.  So, till now this was all about why self-love is essential and how you can deal the three different levels of self-attention.  But do you have considered healthier beauty skincare products as a perfect step toward your care? If not, then it is the time to think so.

How to turn skincare into a ritual of self-care?
The first step you need to take is choosing the right skincare product that you love and enjoy. Let yourself allow to find the most luxurious products that align with your own beliefs and values. However, you can find this in natural, cruelty-free, holistic products that can believe in the health of our planet.  You also need to find those products that you can enjoy and are nature based. You can check how a particular product looks in your bathroom, seek out those products that force you to wash face before going to bed at night. This way you can show love toward yourself.

However luckily at Lifestyles 1031, we have a variety of natural skincare products that you can have on your bathroom shelves. We make sure to offer your medical grade products that can benefit you in all ways.  So, if you have decided to give yourself a bit of attention and self-care then consult with Lifestyles 1031 and find the best products that you have.

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